Bridge Bidding Rules

is a website which presents a very compact view on regular bids (conforming to Forum D, the German bridge bidding system standard) and many wide-spread artificial bid sequences (“conventions”).

Try BIDRULES here….

bidrule is presented in HTML. The rules form a table where the user can interactively fold/unfold bid sequences.

The HTML code is generated from a human-editable text file in “BRL”-syntax.

When the bidrule web page is displayed, BRL gets translated to MarkDown (step A) and then the MarkDown syntax gets translated to HTML (step B).

BRL is basically MD with some bridge-specific enhancements. For instance writing %c will produce a red hearts symbol (c stands for coeur). A line starting with a | (pipe) symbol will be considered to be a bidrule. That means that various formatting rules are applied and icons for folding/unfolding will be added which relate to continuations of the current bid rule.

As MarkDown syntax allows to insert HTML code transparently, the BRL syntax will also understand native HTML – although it is not encouraged to use this possibility.

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