I am a retired software engineer and amateur musician. This website presents software applications which I developped over the years. Most of them deal with music, games or microcomputers.

FTS (FollowTheScore)

is a web based system which presents musical scores (pdf) and media recordings (mp3, mp4, streams) in sync so that you can sing or play along with your instrument.

MTS (Musical Training Suite)

is a collection of web applications which help you to improve your sense of intonation and rhythm. Try out ..


Contract Bridge is the world’s most popular and most sophisticated card game. For teaching and for tournament preparation it is useful to create certain card distributions beforehand. EasyDeal is a card dealing machine which reads card decks of 52 cards and distributes each card to the respective player hand.

See the description of EasyDeal ..


A Javascript framework for Raspberry Pi applications with Web Interfaces. BerryFrame is a combination of ..
(1) Javascript classes providing access to hardware components
(2) an embedded web server (HTTP and web sockets)
(3) a generic client library for the browser UI
(4) elegant configuration mechanisms (validated JSON grammar)

Find source code and documentation on npm.


Some German pages about experiments with Arduino. Raspberry, 3D printing etc.


More to Come …

Have fun!

Gero Scholz