This is an article (in German) about the relationship between humans and software systems. The article describes three prototypes of roles that software systems can take (from man’s perspective): underdog (most technical slave systems) big brother (some of the large social systems) companions (a growing number of co-operative systems) The article describes how systems have… Continue reading Softaware

Bridge Bidding Rules

bidrule is a website which presents a very compact view on regular bids (conforming to Forum D, the German bridge bidding system standard) and many wide-spread artificial bid sequences (“conventions”). Try BIDRULES here…. bidrule is presented in HTML. The rules form a table where the user can interactively fold/unfold bid sequences. The HTML code is… Continue reading Bridge Bidding Rules


A Card Dealing Machine for Bridge Bridge is a card game where teams compete against each other playing the same hands. Usually the boards are being dealt in the first round(s) and then passed around from one table to another. Small computers at each table (“bridge mates”) allow to enter the result after a game… Continue reading EasyDeal