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This wiki is the homeplace of several MediaWiki Extensions provided by Gero Scholz. All extensions are free software(GPL v2).

If you want to contribute to this wiki, write a MAIL TO THE ADMIN to receive a user account.

Due to problems with older extensions some parts of this wiki are not working.
The DPLDEMO extension and the extensive DPL MANUAL should be ok.

Main Extensions
Other Extensions
Hand.gif     DynamicPageList (DPL) - 2.0

The most important extension of this website (hence the name "dpldemo"). DPL is a swiss-knife for your wiki.

It can create reports about articles in your wiki based on various selection criteria like categories, namespaces, use of templates, references to other pages and much more. It does not only list the names of matching articles but can also show parts or all of their content and meta data. The latest version has a dedicated cache for query results and can also be used on very high volume wikis. The new concept of configurable restrictions of functionality should allow to use DPL even on large public websites like Wikipedia.

Hand.gif     Wgraph

A wiki interface to one of the world best graph layout tools ([ aisee]). You can define a graph in textual notation and the image will be generated dynamically. Apart from manually specifying a graph you can use a DPL script to generate the graph description. Thus you can automatically generate a graphical overview of relations or arbitrary information in your wiki.

Hand.gif     Ploticus

A wrapper for one of the most flexible chart generators ('ploticus'). You can provide data for a chart in textual notation and the image will be generated dynamically. Apart from manually editing the data you can use a DPL script to generate the data input for ploticus. Thus you can automatically generate charts about information contained in your wiki.

Hand.gif     Call

A small but very useful extension (technically speaking a 'special page') which makes it possible to pass parameters to a normal wiki page. This opens a door to a whole area of applications. The Call Extension often is the glue between pages using DPL.

Hand.gif     Inputbox

A slightly modified version. The main improvement was to make Inputbox accessible as a parser function. But there are also some other details we added (like support for intro-pages).

Hand.gif     SimpleForms

SimpleForms offers an easy way to create screen forms for your wiki. We use the extension as it is. Maybe you want to study the way we use the Extension Call together with SimpleForms. The combination of both extensions is quite useful.

Hand.gif     Treeview

This extension takes a simple indented text and builds a foldable menu tree from it. We use it as it is. We show how to write a DPL script which produces text that can be fed into Treeview. Thus you can create dynamic menus based on relations in your wiki.

Hand.gif     StringFunctions

We added full support for regular expressions to this extension. Some of the applications and test pages make use of that fesature.

Hand.gif     JavaScript

A minor helper which allows safe use of javascript. We use it for example to position the cursor within screen forms when first displaying a form.

Hand.gif     DPL graphical user interface

An interface which offers part of the huge set of DPL functionality to a novice user. It demonstrates the combined use of DPL, SimpleForms, Call and Wgraph.

Hand.gif     Calendar

This was just a demonstration example in the beginning. It was extended to be used as a flexible calendar for wikis. We know that there are many other solutions. The main advantage we see for our calendar is that the source code is not php but wiki code. So people who do not speak php or who do not have technical access to your server can make modifications to the calendar.

Hand.gif     The concept of DocTypes

This is a light-weight approach to the semantic web.

Hand.gif     Management of bugs and requests

A small set of templates which can be used for issue tracking. The idea was to keep it small and simple - we do not want to compete with bugzilla.

Hand.gif     Use DPL with MediaWiki export feature

Select pages to be exported fromn your wiki via DPL.

Hand.gif     Use DPL for mass deletion of pages

Use DPL to delete many pages in one transaction (bulk delete).

  • There is a place where you can report bugs and request new features.
  • All extensions are under GPL license. Test them here live! There is extensive documentation, see the manuals. You can download the sources.
  • The main extensions provided are DynamicPageList, Wgraph and Ploticus.
  • There are also some minor extensions (e.g. Call) and improved versions of existing extensions (Inputbox, StripMarkup) which may be useful.
  • You can find plenty of examples, which can serve as a starting point for your own ideas. Some of them are usable applications (like the calendar) others have the character of a framework.
  • Please note that most of our applications use more than one extension (DPL always being one of them). If you do not want to run into trouble we strongly recommend that you take the versions from this website for: DynamicPageList, Wgraph, Ploticus, Call, StripMarkup, Inputbox, StringFunctions and Variables.
  • If you use one of my extensions, please add a reference to your wiki to the site list!

This site runs MediaWiki 1.13 with page caching enabled. We are redesigning the homepage. You may want to switch to the Old Homepage.