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DPL is a report generator for MediaWikis. It creates lists of articles that match certain criteria. Meta data like author, popularity or date of last update can be added. Contents from articles can be included in the result, based on chapters, templates or special markers in the text. DPL gives great flexibility in designing output (multi-column article lists, sortable tables etc.)

Many people like to see examples before they go into details. So, here is a

collection of examples ...

DynamicPageList   --   current release is 2.0

Please help to improve the freshly created Frequently Asked Questions collection!

You can do a lot of things with DPL which do not seem possible at a first glance. But sometimes the syntax may be complicated. So please help to make life for others easier ...

If you are using DPL please put a reference to your wiki in DPL:Websites using DPL. If you would like to have DPL as part of the Wikipedia, vote for it.