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This wiki is the homeplace of three powerful MediaWiki extensions developed and maintained by Gero Scholz.
Currently we run MediaWiki 1.13 with page caching enabled.

A universal report generator for MediaWikis
A light-weight approach to semantic wiki
A graph generator based on aiSee

Dynamic Page List (DPL)

Dynamic Page List   --   2.0


DPL is a report generator for MediaWikis.
It creates lists of articles that match certain criteria. Meta data like author, popularity or date of last update can be added. Contents from articles can be included in the result, based on chapters, templates or special markers in the text.

Country Area Population Text #hits
Cameroon 475,442 16,323,000

Combining the power of DPL and Ploticus we can easily generate a pie chart showing (for example) page hit frequencies. To see that it works live, note the hit count of a country, then click on that country in the above table and come back to the main page. The hit count has changed and the pie has become a little bigger ;-) Ploticus Demo

You are looking for a pefect integration with GoogleMaps? See MapDemo ...

You want to know which articles were edited by whom recently? DPL can produce a quick overview: {{#ploticus:

  1. proc page
 pagesize: 20 30

// specify data using proc getdata

  1. proc getdata
"Evgeniy" "%USER%" 201306071058
"Evgeniy" "%USER%" 201306071058
"Evgeniy" "%USER%" 201306071047
"Evgeniy" "%USER%" 201306071034
"2010-11-25 Anniversary" "%USER%" 201011060914
"United Republic of Tanzania" "%USER%" 200909220919
"Problem with category containing a single quote character" "%USER%" 200907090751
"Problem with category containing a single quote character" "%USER%" 200907090427
"Problem with category containing a single quote character" "%USER%" 200907090426
"Problem with category containing a single quote character" "%USER%" 200907090417
"Problem with category containing a single quote character" "%USER%" 200907090416
"Problem with category containing a single quote character" "%USER%" 200907090415
"Add "minimum-number-of-revisions" like Criteria for page selection" "%USER%" 200905140455
"Add "minimum-number-of-revisions" like Criteria for page selection" "%USER%" 200905140446
"Add "minimum-number-of-revisions" like Criteria for page selection" "%USER%" 200905140439
"United Republic of Tanzania" "%USER%" 200905100605
"United Republic of Tanzania" "%USER%" 200905100559
"Add "minimum-number-of-revisions" like Criteria for page selection" "%USER%" 200904020341
"DPL Cache Warning" "%USER%" 200902271019
"DPL Cache Warning" "%USER%" 200902270929
"Evan Sultanik" "%USER%" 200803251019
"Display units" "%USER%" 200803230257
".prop definition" "%USER%" 200803230214
".prop definition" "%USER%" 200803230214
"Display units" "%USER%" 200803230153
"Display units" "%USER%" 200803230145
"Munich" "%USER%" 200803221117
"Munich" "%USER%" 200802161021
"Mechanics" "%USER%" 200803221117
"Mechanics" "%USER%" 200802170114
".prop unique" "%USER%" 200803220928
".prop unique" "%USER%" 200802060836
"Display units" "%USER%" 200803220926
"Display units" "%USER%" 200802040934
".prop unique" "%USER%" 200803220915
".prop unique" "%USER%" 200802060824
".prop definition" "%USER%" 200803220915
".prop definition" "%USER%" 200802060933
".class definition" "%USER%" 200803220915
".class definition" "%USER%" 200803061247
".cat definition" "%USER%" 200803220915
".cat definition" "%USER%" 200802260908
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200711240654
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710280152
"Assigning absolute position of 0-0" "%USER%" 200710281043
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230728
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230724
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230717
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230710
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230704
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230701
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230652
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230649
"Headingmode definition buggy output" "%USER%" 200710230442
"Turnier Gruppe2" "%USER%" 200710071006
"Turnier" "%USER%" 200710071005
"Turnier Gruppe" "%USER%" 200710071005
"2007-07-22 Jocs especials a la Trinitat" "%USER%" 200708110236
"Impressionism" "%USER%" 200707211018
"Expressionism" "%USER%" 200707211018
"2007-07-22 Jocs especials a la Trinitat" "%USER%" 200707200429
"United Republic of Tanzania" "%USER%" 200707180803
"2007/09/15 better not forget anniversary!!" "%USER%" 200707051114
"2007/06/22 sprawdzanie kalendarza" "%USER%" 200706220253
"2007/05/03 Training Basketball Team" "%USER%" 200705010906
"2007/04/03 Daniels verjaardag" "%USER%" 200704130121
"2007 04 03 daniels verjaardag" "%USER%" 200704130121
"African Union member states" "%USER%" 200704120622
"2007/03/29 Something is happening" "%USER%" 200704040306
"2007/03/29 Something is happening" "%USER%" 200703300354
"2007/03/29 Something is happening" "%USER%" 200703300354
"2007/03/29 Something is happening" "%USER%" 200703300352
"2007/03/29 Something is happening" "%USER%" 200703300351
"Schnittstellen" "%USER%" 200703060852
"Schnittstellen Übersicht Mini dpl" "%USER%" 200703060845
"Schnittstellen Übersicht Mini" "%USER%" 200703060844
"Munich" "%USER%" 200702160930
"African Union member states" "%USER%" 200701200932

  1. proc categories
 axis: x
 listsize: 1000
 datafield: 2
 axis: y
 listsize: 1000
 datafield: 1

// set up plotting region using proc areadef

  1. proc areadef
 rectangle: 1 1 1 1
 xscaletype: categories
 xaxis.stubs: usecategories
 xaxis.tics: none
 xaxis.stubvert: yes
 yscaletype: categories
 yaxis.axisline: none
 yaxis.stubs: usecategories
 autowidth:  0.1  
 autoheight: 0.1
 location: 4.5 1.5
  1. proc xaxis
 grid: color=orange 
 ticincrement: 1
  1. proc yaxis
 grid: color=orange
 ticincrement: 2

// draw pink points using proc scatterplot

  1. proc scatterplot
 xfield: 2
 yfield: 1
 symbol: shape=nicecircle radius=0.05 fillcolor=pink
 cluster: yes

// do it a 2nd time to overlay outlines using proc scatterplot

  1. proc scatterplot
 xfield: 2
 yfield: 1
 symbol: shape=nicecircle radius=0.05

}} See Scatter Demo 2 for a larger example ..

Nigeria 923,768 133,530,0001 Template:Let me test this

<table class="infobox geography vcard" style="width:46ex; ..→

Somalia 637,657 8,228,000

Wgraph is a graph generator for MediaWikis.
It allows you to define the semantics of a graph in an abstract textual notation called WGL (Wiki Graph Language). You may add hints for layout, but the graph itself is being produced automatically. Wgraph is a powerful visualisation instrument for objects and their relations.

{{#wgraph: svg | thumb = 50 |

 node wgl         { type data     label "text notation\n-- WGL --" }
 edge wgl wgraph  { kind rightnear color red }
 node wgraph      { type process  label "Wgraph\nmediawiki extension" }
 edge wgraph gdl  { }
 node gdl         { type data     label "graph definition\n-- GDL --" }
 edge gdl aisee   { }
 node aisee       { type process  label "aiSee\nlayout generator" }
 edge aisee img   { kind leftnear }
 node img         { type data     label "image\n-- png, svg --" 
                    shape hexagon }
 nodetype data    { shape ellipse, color lightyellow,
                    bordercolor khaki, height 60 }
 nodetype process { shape box color lightmagenta 
                    bordercolor magenta height 60 }
 xspace=70, yspace=120


You want to have a dependency matrix for includes or links? Use dplmatrix ...

links from Painters
to other Painters
Cezanne Manet Renoir Signac Van Gogh
Cezanne - - x - -
Renoir x x - x -
Van Gogh - x x - -

You want to use structured documents, based on a semantic model?
But 'Semantic Wiki' looks to "heavy" for your requirements?
Try our light-weight DocTypes ..

  • All extensions are under GPL license. Test them here live! There is extensive documentation, see the online manuals. You can download the sources.
  • In addition there are some minor extensions like Call and improved versions of existing extensions named Inputbox and StripMarkup which may be useful. See the navigation bar. We also host the StackFunctions extension.
  • There are plenty of examples, which can serve as a starting point for your own ideas. There is a small calendar application (built with DPL) which you can use and enhance.
  • There is a place where you can report bugs and request new features. If you use the extensions, please leave a reference to your wiki!

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