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If you are using DPL, please add your wiki to the list. If possible link to specific pages where we can see it in action.
Website Description
Forgotten Realms Wiki Starting with "Today in the Realms" on the main page, we are adding nifty DPL features to enhance the utility of our wiki. Update: Added "Did You Know?" and "Featured Image" functions that use DPL to select articles based on the timestamp.
Marvel Database We run several templates and categorization via DPL code. Currently using DPL 1.8.9.
Migiwe Migiwe is a community of free culture activists. DPL is used to implement basic project management functionality. Using templates, tasks can be assigned to users and projects and then listed using DPL for specific user and/or project.
WikiMama It's a wiki site collecting photoed recipes. We use it to generate dynamic galleries to display various recipes.
EcoReality Ecovillage We use it in several places to make Category display more user friendly. Examples: put most recent meeting minutes at the top, track completed and un-completed projects
Capital Market Wiki Used in index of help files, article census bar graph, documentation of sub categories, presentation of suggested titles on no-match on "go" button search, and many other uses.
Hindupedia.com "Sagely Quote" is randomly chosen from a set of articles belonging to a specific category.
EmuWiki.com News feed with automatic submission (Main page), Youtube video submission system (Video Section), website dynamic list (Website Section) and Emulebrities section (Emulebrities), all these lists being dynamic AND users can add a page using a form (semantic form extension). Check it out.
DPLWiki Tests DPL version 0.82 and earlier; run by one of the main authors of DPL
OpenOffice.org Wiki
Page Princeton University QED (formerly TigerWeb) Page List TigerWeb:Dynamic Page List
Nissan 350Z Tech Wiki
Scion Tech Wiki
Crewscut.com Main page lists
D&D Wiki Lists for races, monsters, and other such categories
Wiki Aventurica Used for numerous things like inhabitants or structures of cities, dictionaries, lists of animals, people, books, adventures, ships, et.al. Best see the Category:DPL-Lists
XyloWiki Used for blog-style journal tracking in multiple categories: cooking, travel, and roleplaying.
Uno Sguardo nel Buio Wiki of the extensions to the Italian version of the role play game «Das Schwarze Auge». DPL is used in several pages, mostly to generate the Atlas, the Armorial and the reports.
VoWi Many pages: pages that match certain categories or pages that match certain namespaces.
self-qs.de Main page lists
Dev-Scene.com Manages news feeds
BridgeLexikon Links auction bids in the game of bridge
self-qs Defining and refining quality assurance terms and proceedings
MographWiki Lists on the main page and in the Industry Directory
Unmaintained Free Software Wiki Shows recently added projects like history of recently added projects
Wikimedia meta wiki
wikinews The main page and heavily in various portals
WikiProducts WikiProducts lists and compares products
RJS Software Adding page links from multiple categories to the bottom of each Troubleshooting page.
Princeton University QED (formerly TigerWeb, using version 0.51): QED:Dynamic_Page_List
http://funktopia.net Because they are soo cool!
WikiRPS Skill lists and other features sorted by subgroups like easy combat skills
Organic Design
Super Mario Wiki Various maintenance duties
Burning Man Wiki
Viget, a Grand Rapids wiki Main page list
LinWiki, German Wiki for Linux Users glossary page
Issuepedia Issues index
3D Game Comparison Main page category list, comparison table, and just about every other page listing which games link to them, related ("see also") links, redirects, etc.
MetaBase A Database of Biological Databases! For DPL Just see the mainpage! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MetaBase
PDBWiki A community annotated knowledge base of biological molecular structures. For example DPL usage see the Main Page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDBWiki
GWiki A Guild Wars wiki (french), DPL exemple : An automatique list of item collector
Fabulopedia A wiki about Fairy tales. For DPL, See for example the mainpage
Middleton-St Johns A family tree and to-be literary reference site. DPL 1.3.2 used to list children and spouses.
LightWiki A wiki devoted to LightWave 3D, a professional graphics package. DPL is used on the main page
Garetien A wiki used to describe a kingdom in the German roleplaying game "Das Schwarze Auge" ("The Dark Eye). DPL is used in many different pages, to compile short lists out of city description for example but also to generate a special language which draws maps.
all-connect Knowledge Base A wiki-based Homepage (German). Link directs to the online help pages (Knowledge Base) where articles get dynamically grouped and linked in categories via DPL extension.
MOHAA Wiki Documentation and Community Site about the Multiplayergame Medal of Honor. Using DPL to generate a list of Clans, news (including RSS-Feed), list of Maps, a randomly chosen Map of the day and various other lists.
Encoresoup A Fork of the Wikipedia FOSS articles with lots of improvements planned. Uses DPL for the Category Browser also accessible from the top-right of the main page.
Melpedia City Wiki for the city of Melbourne. Used to generate section overview pages and GeoRSS feeds which are then used to plot article locations on Google Maps.
Tracciati Un wiki italiano per organizzare le proposte culturali e turistiche riguardanti la prima guerra mondiale nel triveneto. Un ottima integrazione con GoogleMaps [1] e il Calendario [2].
GyakutenWiki Wiki for Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright / Apollo Justice) fan content. A user has requested this addon for use on the List of Fangames page.
lokalhistoriewiki.no Norwegian local history wiki; uses DPL to randomly chose articles, create lists for presentation and maintenance etc. pretty much all over the wiki.
Whole Wheat Radio Independent musicians webcast wiki and community. Used on the Discussions page with more pages likely to use it shortly.
GBrowse.org Main Page status table is created with a template that it uses other simple template to count page of category
AIOwiki use it to generate list episodes with intersecting characters for the Adventures in Odyssey radio drama
http://www.winterrodeln.org DPL is used to create overview tables of sledding tracks with additional information, e.g. walking time.
http://www.artiglieria.net DPL is used to create overview gallery of image
Wikilengua Lists on Main page
Heroes Wiki Numerous templates including but not limited to creating archive links listings for talk page archives, listing birthdays of the cast and crew, creating a few dynamic TOCs and portals, and listing a person's works by matching their name in template invocations on other pages. Note: DPL has been set to always cache by default at Heroes Wiki to reduce the process overhead.
FormaVia DPL is mainly used for listings, for its various sorting order and formatting capabilities (recent articles in specific categories, by last edit date, and in combination with wikiarticlefeeds to generate RSS).
CPDL (ChoralWiki) DPL is all around ;) Extensively used to create listings, Category-like pages, a couple of tables, and the totals that appear in the Main Page.
YouserGuide Used to generate summary pages containing collections of categories. Products
Thomas Krenn Wiki Used on the homepage of the wiki for a list of newest and most popular pages
Heroes of Newerth Wiki Used in as many places as possible... mostly on item pages for calculating costs and displaying recipes.
WikiFur Displays WikiFur News, ordering by date of insertion into a publication category (also included on the main page), and used on the Russian front page for listing various categories and new articles.
Kamelopedia Used on many pages and templates: our election for the best (funniest) articles uses DPL on an overview-page as well as in a voting-count-template; a minor project (a wikibased editable trading-card-game) uses DPL as a sort of database-engine, which feeds the card-template with parameters that can also be filtered via automated, regular expressions [3]; and many, many more examples ... DPL rocks! :-)
The Sims Wiki Primarily just testing, but ideally used for custom special pages.
The KDE UserBase wiki We intend to use DPL as a replacement for searching, finding linking pages and similar tasks. The conventional methods doesn't seem to work well with the Translat extension.
rockinberlin concerts, bands and musicians in berlin Great tool for Mediawiki
DDO wiki A collaboratively edited and written information database for any player of the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). Using DPL version 2.01. Still testing; nothing is in production; see a fully functional proposed query here.
Note: The Special:Version page can be used to find out which version is installed.

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