DPL Example 004

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Create a sortable table of articles based on template parameters, use phantom template with subquery

As we want full control over the fields and formats of each row we use a phantom template (surrogate template).

We produce a table where the reference link to the article is not in the first column.

We generate a column which contains inbound links to the resp. article. We could do anything within the phantom template.

 |category=Fictitious country
 |table=class="wikitable sortable",-,Name,Country,Capital,Articles linking to that country

The above DPL command produces the following output:

Name Country Capital Articles linking to that country
Name? DPL Example 007 main page 1 Capital?
Republic of Nigunda Nigunda Bamitogoo
Republic of Nigunda Test Nigunda Test Bamitogoo Test
Somango Island Somango Aaaabququque