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There is some general introductory text about Nigunda ... Note that there is no text on the History of Nigunda so far. And we use a template which shows some properties in a small table. We also demonstrate the use of section marking. Note that the next sentence contains two hidden section markers for each revolution. In Example 1 we show the contents of these sections as a result of a DPL query.

<section begin="report1"/> There was a <section begin="revolution"/>
revolution in 1977 which lasted 10 days<section end="revolution"/> and ten years later there was <section begin="revolution"/>
another revolution in 1987 which caused many deaths.<section end="revolution"/>. Since then .. <section end="report1"/>

<section begin="president"/>Any president<section end="president"/>

Republic of Nigunda
Capital Bamitogoo
phone prefix 237

see the country list ..


some facts about religious groups in Nigunda; some other facts about religious groups in Nigunda;