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Test include,multisecseparators

How to handle multiple identical template calls and/or chapters

A document can include the same template more than once.

Template:.obj preload Person Template:Friend.defaultPeople 1 Template:Friend.defaultPeople 2 Template:Friend.defaultCategory:Student Template:Friend.default

In the same way a document can have more than one chapter with identical title.

Template:.obj preload Person People 1 People 2 Category:Student

A more ambitious example

We pack template calls into a table and separate identical chapters by a horizontal line (Column on History).

Country Basic data History Religion
Name Capital Dial Code
Republic of Buloma Wiuuki 733
Peoples Republic of Buloma Ahonga 733

Before 1963 there was ...

the Worshippers

not so many

the Forgivers

quite a lot

Since 1963 there has been ...

Believe it or not ...

Category:Fictitious country
Name Capital Dial Code
Template:Country dpl.default

Another example

see Interface list ..