Issue:Category browsing with title from / until

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Description: Add titlefrom and titleuntil parameters to clone proper category browsing
Extension / Version: DPL   /   ?
Type / Status: Change Request   /   answered


Category pages can take the from= and until= parameters. This is not possible with DPL's titlematch because it would like there are no other results with missing navigation links.

Example: has 424 pages. You can jump to letter "M" directly: - This still shows 424 pages but it starts disaplaying at "M". With titlematch there would be only 33 results an no navigation before or beyond "M".

Same in mode=category. Mega bug :( --Subfader


This is not an issue. You can arrange results the way you want in the DPL output. Please take a look at scrolling. --Theaitetos 00:30, 11 April 2012 (CEST)