DPL Example 029

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Change the value of a template parameter in a certain page

We defined a DPL based template which takes 4 parameters:

  • a page name
  • a template name
  • a parameter name
  • a value for that parameter
  • a control parameter

Using this template you can modify a page.

The template can either be called from within a wiki page or via the command line.

If called from a wiki page one would probably use a form like this:

{{#form: action=/dpldemo/index.php |{{#input: type=hidden | name=title | value=Template:Set Template Parameter }} in page {{#input: name=DPL_arg1 | size=30 | value=DPL Example 029/DummyPage }} and template {{#input: name=DPL_arg2 | value=DummyTemplate }} change parameter {{#input: name=DPL_arg3 | value= parameter 1 }} to value {{#input: name=DPL_arg4 | value= new value }}
{{#input: type=submit | value=replace }} }}

The update will not be done because we did not specify "&DPL_arg5=yes" in the action URL.

Calling the URL could look like this:

click to simulate change

You will see the wiki source of DPL Example 029/DummyPage. It contains a call of Template Template:DummyTemplate. The call contains two parameters, values are "something" and "something else". You will see that the value of the first parameter has been changed to "new value".

The update will not be done because we did not specify "&DPL_arg5=yes" in the URL.