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The result of this query is written to a cache; the next requests will be served from that cache. Add &DPL_refresh=yes to the URL to enforce a cache update. Note that each scrolled page is separately cached. Once you refresh the cache, all pages of former scrolling actions are removed. Try the following:

  1. load the page and click on the small "refresh" link below the table (if you do not see the link, load the page a second time)
  2. remove the "&DPL_refresh=yes" part AND the "&DPL_offset=0" part in the URL of your browser and reload the page
  3. reload again
  4. scroll to the next page
  5. scroll back, i.e. click on "1..10"
  6. scroll forward (11..20)
  7. scroll forward (21..30), then load the page a second time
  8. click on the small "refresh" link below the table
  9. remove the "&DPL_refresh=yes" part in the URL of your browser and reload the page
  10. scroll back (11..20)
  11. scroll forward (21..30)
  • In step 1 there is no message - the cache has silently been created, cache pages of older scroll events have been removed
  • In steps 2,3,5,6,11 you should see a small note which proves that the result comes from the cache. Watch the "age" indicator!
  • In the other steps (2,4,7,8,9,10) you should see a note that the cache has been created or re-built.

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.2.1: Warning: Unknown parameter 'dplcache' was ignored. Help: available parameters: addauthor, addcategories, addcontribution, addeditdate, addexternallink, addfirstcategorydate, addlasteditor, addpagecounter, addpagesize, addpagetoucheddate, adduser, allowcachedresults, allrevisionsbefore, allrevisionssince, articlecategory, cacheperiod, categoriesminmax, category, categorymatch, categoryregexp, columns, count, createdby, debug, distinct, dominantsection, eliminate, escapelinks, execandexit, firstrevisionsince, fixcategory, format, headingcount, headingmode, hiddencategories, hitemattr, hlistattr, ignorecase, imagecontainer, imageused, include, includematch, includematchparsed, includemaxlength, includenotmatch, includenotmatchparsed, includepage, includesubpages, includetrim, inlinetext, itemattr, lastmodifiedby, lastrevisionbefore, linksfrom, linksto, linkstoexternal, listattr, listseparators, maxrevisions, minoredits, minrevisions, mode, modifiedby, multisecseparators, namespace, noresultsfooter, noresultsheader, notcategory, notcategorymatch, notcategoryregexp, notcreatedby, notlastmodifiedby, notlinksfrom, notlinksto, notmodifiedby, notnamespace, nottitlematch, nottitleregexp, notuses, offset, oneresultfooter, oneresultheader, openreferences, order, ordercollation, ordermethod, qualitypages, randomcount, redirects, replaceintitle, reset, resultsfooter, resultsheader, rowcolformat, rows, rowsize, scroll, secseparators, showcurid, shownamespace, skipthispage, stablepages, suppresserrors, table, tablerow, tablesortcol, title, titlegt, titlelt, titlematch, titlemaxlength, titleregexp, usedby, userdateformat, uses.

1..1011..20(243 total)
Issue Description
Including Sections Trying to include sections that have a link in their headline
Error message - undefined Index 100 using notnamespace causes php error in line 3128
DPL and Glossary clashing using the Glossary extension seems to have adverse effects on DPL result sets
Chinese message texts are wrong All Chinese messages are wrong in DynamicPageList2.i18n.php
False result count result count is affected by the max result limit of DPL
Include positional template parameter including positional template parameters can fail depending on form of template call
Upgraded to 1.11 Notice: Undefined variable Notice: Undefined variable:
Inconsistent node height small height is handled inconsistently
Surprising bahaviour of forcedir layout minor changes in atraction lead to different layouts.
Change alignment procedure for labels in multi-line labels the alignment should work on a line base not on label base
1..1011..20(243 total)

| namespace          = Issue
| uses               = Template:Issue
| include            = {Issue}:Description
| table              = class="wikitable sortable",Issue,Description
| order              = descending
| count              = {%DPL_count:10%}
| dplcache           = offset/{%DPL_offset:%}
| resultsheader      = ²{Extension DPL scroll¦total=%TOTALPAGES%¦offset={%DPL_offset:0%}¦count={%DPL_count:10%}¦page={{PAGENAME}}}²\n
| resultsfooter      = ²{Extension DPL scroll¦total=%TOTALPAGES%¦offset={%DPL_offset:0%}¦count={%DPL_count:10%}¦page={{PAGENAME}}}²\n

Note the path descriptor of the dplcache which arranges all scrolled result pages withn a subdirectory of the cache.