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The result of this query is written to a cache; the next requests will be served from that cache. Add &DPL_refresh=yes to the URL to enforce a cache update.

If you edit this page the cache will recognize if you changed the DPL query or the wiki text outside the query.

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.2.1: Warning: Unknown parameter 'dplcache' was ignored. Help: available parameters: addauthor, addcategories, addcontribution, addeditdate, addexternallink, addfirstcategorydate, addlasteditor, addpagecounter, addpagesize, addpagetoucheddate, adduser, allowcachedresults, allrevisionsbefore, allrevisionssince, articlecategory, cacheperiod, categoriesminmax, category, categorymatch, categoryregexp, columns, count, createdby, debug, distinct, dominantsection, eliminate, escapelinks, execandexit, firstrevisionsince, fixcategory, format, headingcount, headingmode, hiddencategories, hitemattr, hlistattr, ignorecase, imagecontainer, imageused, include, includematch, includematchparsed, includemaxlength, includenotmatch, includenotmatchparsed, includepage, includesubpages, includetrim, inlinetext, itemattr, lastmodifiedby, lastrevisionbefore, linksfrom, linksto, linkstoexternal, listattr, listseparators, maxrevisions, minoredits, minrevisions, mode, modifiedby, multisecseparators, namespace, noresultsfooter, noresultsheader, notcategory, notcategorymatch, notcategoryregexp, notcreatedby, notlastmodifiedby, notlinksfrom, notlinksto, notmodifiedby, notnamespace, nottitlematch, nottitleregexp, notuses, offset, oneresultfooter, oneresultheader, openreferences, order, ordercollation, ordermethod, qualitypages, randomcount, redirects, replaceintitle, reset, resultsfooter, resultsheader, rowcolformat, rows, rowsize, scroll, secseparators, showcurid, shownamespace, skipthispage, stablepages, suppresserrors, table, tablerow, tablesortcol, title, titlegt, titlelt, titlematch, titlemaxlength, titleregexp, usedby, userdateformat, uses.

{|class="wikitable sortable"

!Issue !Description |- |Including Sections |Trying to include sections that have a link in their headline |- |Error message - undefined Index 100 |using notnamespace causes php error in line 3128 |- |DPL and Glossary clashing |using the Glossary extension seems to have adverse effects on DPL result sets |- |Chinese message texts are wrong |All Chinese messages are wrong in DynamicPageList2.i18n.php |- |False result count |result count is affected by the max result limit of DPL |- |Include positional template parameter |including positional template parameters can fail depending on form of template call |- |Upgraded to 1.11 Notice: Undefined variable |Notice: Undefined variable: |- |Inconsistent node height |small height is handled inconsistently |- |Surprising bahaviour of forcedir layout |minor changes in atraction lead to different layouts. |- |Change alignment procedure for labels |in multi-line labels the alignment should work on a line base not on label base |}