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List of relations, templates, categories and images for a given page

We show all kinds of references to other wiki objects. This list could be enhanced to be used in Special:Export to download an article together with its context. Maybe it could be enhanced to create a "transitive envelope of variable depth", i.e. the procedure could be repeated for all neighbours to create a list of "leven n-neighbours".

{{DPL Example 018 sub|DPL Example 010 page 1}}

The above DPL command produces the following output:

wiki objects in distance 1 from DPL Example 010 page 1 :

DPL example page 2
DPL example page 3
Template:DPL Example 010 tpl
{{#replace:Category:DPL Example 010 cat, DPL Example 010 cat2|,|
File:Sudan n3.jpg