DPL Example 007

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Show members of a category and of all its subcategories

Ideally we would like to use a template which calls itself recursively. But MediaWiki tries to be clever and blocks such calls. So we have to use a separate template for each level. So, if you need more than two levels you must copy the source code of Template:DPL Example 007 sub 2 to Template:DPL Example 007 sub 3 etc.

You could redirect your (super-)category page to a page which contains the DPL call shown below. The readers would then automatically always see all pages belonging to subcategories. You should probably change the name ´Template:DPL Example 007 sub to something like Template:Traverse category. Adapt the output format to your needs - our example uses bullets and three columns.

{{DPL Example 007 sub|DPL Example 007 main cat}}

The above DPL command produces the following output:

Pages in category     DPL Example 007 main cat

    Pages in subcategory     DPL Example 007 sub cat 1

      Pages in subcategory     DPL Example 007 sub cat 2