DPL Example 003

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Create a table of articles based on template parameters, apply individual formatting to columns, add meta data

We show various template parameters. We add meta data (in this case the hit count). We format huge hit counts using a big font. We put a decimal point before the last three digits. Population is right justified and in small font. Populations with '133' occuring in the number get a red background color.

  category=African Union member states
  includepage ={Infobox Country or territory}:area:population_estimate
  format      =,,\n|align=right|²{#ifexpr:%COUNT%>2400¦<big>'''²{#replace:%COUNT%¦/([0-9]{3})$/¦.\1}²'''</big>¦²{#replace:%COUNT%¦/([0-9]{3})$/¦.\1}²}²,
  table       =,Country,Area,Population,#hits
  tablerow    =align=right|%%,align=right ²{#if:²{#pos:%%¦133}²¦bgcolor=#ff9999¦bgcolor=#ffffaa}²|<small>%%</small>

The above DPL command produces the following output:

Country Area Population #hits
Cameroon 475,442 16,323,000
Nigeria 923,768 133,530,0001
Somalia 637,657 8,228,000