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DOWNLOAD Dynamic Page List

  • DPL 2.0 outputs wiki code only; this means that the trouble and potential security risks of using rawHtml no longer exist
  • DPL does no longer clear the parser state. This means that conflicts between DPL and the cite extension are gone.

Source code for DynamicPageList (Version 2.0) : download DPL (ZIP).

There is also an archive of older versions.

Other extensions

Source code for all other extensions can be downloaded here: download all other extensions (ZIP).

  • To use PLOTICUS you need to download a runtime version of PLOTICUS for your operating system.

To use Wgraph you need the gnu utility recode. For convenience we provide a

  • recode archive which contains binary versions for windows and linux. You must place the files under
    • extensions/Wgraph/linux/bin/recode (linux)
    • extensions\Wgraph\windows\bin\recode.exe (windows)

Read the installation instructions for DPL and the installation instructions for Wgraph carefully. Especially a linux installation of Wgraph needs some care. It is not sufficient to copy the downloaded files to the extension directory and add the require_once statements in LocalSettings.php!!