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Version 0.87

minor bugfix at nearedges
bentnearedges were sometimes passed as normal edges to aiSee. This is no longer the case.

Version 0.86

minor bugfix
handling of floating point values like .0, -.1 etc corrected

Version 0.85

new parameter
border is now understood and handed over to aiSee.

Version 0.84

bugfix with attribute value of 0
in some constellations (e.g height=0) invalid GDL code was produced when an attribute had a value of '0'. This was fixed.
new parameter
stretch is now available.
new parameter
class is now accepted for downward compatibility reasons

Version 0.83

'status' can now be used as an alias for 'state'
handling of underscores
all commands and enum tokens may now contain arbitrary undercores
we now allow for ':' after node or edge (as is standard for GDL)
empty nodes
if a node has no name it will be named '?'
graph attributes
these are now also apllicable to subgraphs. This may produce invalid GDL in some cases.

Version 0.82

label wrap
label wrapping now also takes place if the title is used as the default lable for a node
absolute positioning
properties x & y added
world coordinates
user coordinate system supported via xfactor, yfactor, xoffset, yoffset
defaults for nodetypes and edgetypes
nodetype '*', edgetype '*'
clipping added
xclipat, xclipsize, yclipat, yclipsize
support for new arrowstyles
arrowstyles are now strings, 'new' arrowstyles (aiSee 2.0) can be used; there is no more any validity checking for arrow modes.

Version 0.81

'node.href=...' in main graph led to invalid GDL syntax
new feature
href in nodetype now replaces '%%' by the node label

Version 0.8

initial version
July 2007