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  • The 'class' attribute is supported only for backward compatibility.
  • Classes are identified by integer numbers.
  • Classnames can be assigned to class numbers (on graph level) but classnames do not play any role within Wgraph.
  • An edge can belong to one class only (or to none)
  • If an edge class is hidden, the edge will not influence the layout
  • If you want to hide more than one edge type you must repeat the 'hidden' command for each of them

The preferred way to hide edges, however, is the use of edge 'types' and the 'skip_edgetypes' command. It is not advisable to use 'class' and 'type' within the same graph.


 edge A B { class 1 }
 edge C D { class 2 }
 edge E F { class 3 label visible }
 edge G H { class 4 label secret  }
 hidden 2 hidden 4
 classname 2 "obscure relations"
 classname 4 "strange relations"