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general syntax

{{ #wgraph: opt1 | opt2 | .. | optN | <wgl script> }}

wgraph must be called as a parser function. The last argument is the wgl script. The preceding arguments are options which define attributes of the graph.



name = <filename>

default for <filename> is the PAGENAME; as usual spaces are converted to underscores. Only letters, digits, dash and underscore are allowed. If your page title is not a valid filename you will get an error message; in that case you must specify the name explicitly.

It is your responsibility to avoid a name which has been used in another wiki page as a Wgraph filename. If you choose the same name you might overwrite image files mutually.

If you have more than one graph within an article, you MUST define different names, otherwise wgraph will take the same filename and overwrite the first graph with the second.

Note that you can use the 'label' property of the graph to define a label (title) for the graph.


size = <number>



creates a thumb image; thumb=<number> specifies the resolution of the thumb image


creates png output


creates svg output


shows the GDL code


shows the wgl code