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One thing that could have helped would be ways to test things. like to find out whether ImageMagick (convert) was installed, I had to look until I found the source code for ImageMagick.

I used the command: wget

I had to installed ImageMagick under the user I was using, rather than installed for the entire website. Let's pretend the user name was fooimg. I had to create a "local" directory under the /home/fooimg since I couldn't put anything in /usr/local on this machine. I used the command: mkdir local

And when I did the command install command for ImageMagick, I could not just say ./configure

like the instructions said, but I had to instead type ./configure --prefix=/home/fooimg/local/ ( by the way ./configure --prefix=~/local did NOT work, because the "configure" program wanted the actual place on disk to put into its generated script files. )

Then I had to use "make" to create the convert program...

The above steps are show in the following log of my command history:

  16  mkdir local
  17  cd ImageMagick-6.3.8/
  18  ./configure --prefix=~/local
  19  pwd
  20  ./configure --prefix=/home/fooimg/local/
  21  cd ..
  22  ls local/
  23  cd ImageMagick-6.3.8/
  24  make
  25  cd ..
  26  ls local/

I tried to install it, and it complained (but might have actually done what I need. I was surprised to find the stuff in the local directory later on:

  27  cd ImageMagick-6.3.8/
  28  make install

I ultimate got the computer to find the convert program for me, since I didn't know where it was put:

  34  find . -print | grep convert
  35  ./utilities/convert

I was doing this, because I wanted Wgraph (and mediawiki) to use the convert program to make thumbnails.

I used tar with xvzf (extract,verbose,compressed file) on the file I got here : aiSee_linux.tgz ((Thanks by the way))

 127  wget
 128  tar xvzf /home/visvis/aiSee_linux.tgz
 129  ls
 130  cd aiSee/
 131  ls
 132  lynx .
 133  ./setup

I had already purchased a license for aiSee for a different project, by the way. by the way, this created a directory named aiSee which I later had to rename as aisee (without the capital letter) because somewhere the directory was referenced without the capital letter.

I tried running bin/aisee.bin and it complained about libXext not being available. I had to use apt-get to retrieve it (since I don't run X windows on this server)

I got your Recode executable and moved it into the bin directory under /home/fooimg/public_html/Wgraph

  mv recode ../Wgraph/linux/bin/

I did a lot of stuff, and I have the log which means I can tell you the steps, but just remember, I started from scratch, no mediawiki, no wgraph, no aisee, no ImageMagick, no X-windows extension library so I probably had to do stuff which a lot of people might not need to do.