Issue:DPL extension inserts a blank line headline

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Description: DPL extension inserts a blank line headline
Extension / Version: DPL   /   1.8.9
Type / Status: Bug   /   open

Good day! Thank you for a powerful extension.


Blank line in headline

I have a problem: DPL extension inserts a blank line in the article title (see picture). Other articles that do not use DPL, displayed without distortion.

I use the original Monobook skin and the following versions of components:

  • MediaWiki - 1.15.0
  • PHP - 5.2.8 (appache)
  • MySQL - 5.1.30-community-log

Can you tell me how to solve the problem, please. Thanks!


I have never noticed this so far. If you can reproduce the effect here in this wiki I will probably be able to help. --Gero 14:55, 5 November 2009 (UTC)

Test effect

Content page Capital Name
DPL Example 007 main page 1
Nigunda Bamitogoo Republic of Nigunda
Nigunda Test Bamitogoo Test Republic of Nigunda Test
Somango Aaaabququque Somango Island

no effect... Unfortunately, I didn't get to reproduce the problem directly.

But I noticed, if not submitted your wiki, there is an empty string (see figures).

This Wiki. Blank line in headline
This Wiki. No blank line in headline

Maybe this is somehow intersects with my problem? (sorry for my english:)

Permanent fix

There is a BOM (byte order mark) in DynamicPageList.i18n.php

To find it:

hexdump -c DynamicPageList.i18n.php |grep "357 273 277"

To fix it:

tail -1274 DynamicPageList.i18n.php > newfile.php

Add <?php at the top of newfile.php and rename it to DynamicPageList.i18n.php

--Dri 19:42, 23 November 2009 (UTC)

Thank you for bringing this up. I will delete the BOM in the next revision of DPL.
I think one could also use a text editor and change the encoding from UTF-8 with BOM to UTF-8.
Many editors offer several encoding types.
--Gero 21:51, 23 November 2009 (UTC)
Thank you very much! It really helped me. Kabanoff 09:08, 2 December 2009 (UTC)