Issue:Category names with ampersand not found?

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Description: category= doesn't find category names like Category:AT&T
Extension / Version: DPL   /   1.7.6
Type / Status: Bug   /   open


Category names like Category:AT&T cannot be found using category= since & is used as an AND Operator so it looks for Category:AT AND Category:T. Is there a way to disable the & operator or is this a bug (imo)? Example:


Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.2.1: Warning: No results.

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.2.1: Warning: Skipping bad option 'AT%26T' for parameter 'category'.

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.2.1: Error: No selection criteria found! You must use at least one of the following parameters: category, namespace, titlematch, linksto, uses, createdby, modifiedby, lastmodifiedby, or their 'not' variants

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.2.1: Warning: No results.


Hmh, I'd like to know if I totally missed a setting or if it's really a bug. --Subfader 15:13, 3 May 2009 (UTC)

I use it on a form where you can enter on a category name. categorymatch= does the trick now, but I have to replace it with category= as long as there is no form action, otherwise it would result for categorymatch=(nothing). dirty but working, hrr.